Life and just…blah

So I think I’ve gotten to being depressed again. I can’t seem to find lasting happiness in things I used too. I get frustrated so easily..I still watch and love my musicals and Glee…but I don’t know.. It doesn’t seem the same. Glee’s writing has been really been getting well…upsetting to me. I’m looking forward to seeing Chris in July, I just hope it wasn’t as sad as last time. He seemed upset and depressed, and that made me sad and depressed. Besides I love when he smiles and talks to me… I just hope that happens again.






This scene…was just…I can’t even describe it. I was literally moved to tears. I knew that they were special, their love was special, but seeing the way Blaine can make Kurt feel…and vice just..those two are amazing. The acting was amazing as well. I could literally feel every emotion from those two.


yeah..I’m pretty down/upset. My fandom lately has been ridiculous, so I’m trying to wait that out (yeah right), my week sucked, I can’t pay my bills, got a parking citation for something that wasn’t EVEN CLEARLY MARKED, and of course work went down hill. Awesome. *sigh* God I want Thursday so bad… and this is why…




MY BABIES ARE FINALLY GETTING BACK TOGETHER AND GETTING ENGAGED ;___; this is the only thing in my life I have at the moment to look forward too…thank you Glee…NOW DON’T FUCK IT UP 


So.. People wonder why I don’t really get into the Klaine/CrissColfer fandom… Yet the majority of the fandom are unthoughtful disrespectful people who don’t seem to realize they are making a game out of someone’s REAL ACTUAL LIFE.

I am SO SICK of seeing people posting shit, HASH TAGGING the actor, AND THEN GETTING UPSET WHEN THEY REPLY TO IT. What. The. FUCK!

If THAT wasn’t bad enough then you have the AUDACITY to say he had no reason to respond?!? Are you fucking serious?!? Grow the fuck up and get your immature heads out of your asses!

Here’s the latest example:




How is that NOT a reason to respond WHEN YOU TAG HIS NAME. Especially when you ALREADY KNOW HE’S UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THIS STUFF. All that shows is your blatant disrespect for the actor and HIS feelings. I’m just so sick of it.

A reason to rejoice

So yesterday a filming in NY went down for an upcoming Glee Christmas Ep that features a Klaine scene that made me so happy. Here’s the pics I could gather from various sources:







Tell me they’re not still in love! I don’t care what “spoilers” about some new person coming in there are. I believe these two are and will always be meant for each other.

And for more cutes, here’s the actors behind the scenes: